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 The Eighth Mission - An Island Alone

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: The Eighth Mission - An Island Alone   Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:20 pm

As part of a Peace Accord sanctioned by the United Federation of Planets, the former Cardassian Union has been divided into two parts, the Hebetian Republic under the democratic government of Minister Elim Garak and the Cardassian Union under Union in Exile rebel leader Legate Anwar.

As part of the agreement, a portion of the Beta Ursae Sector was ceded to the Cardassian Union. This portion includes the territory of Ephyra.

Within hours of signing, the Cardassian Union has asked the Betazoid Contingent to either move to the surface or leave the colony of Ephyra. The Cardassian Union will hereafter refer to Third Corinthians as Platform 2193 and use the Betazoid Station to communicate with the colony of Ephyra.

The Cardassian Union recognizes the existence of the civilian government of Ephyra but will communicate only with the provisional Cardassian Government of Ephyra on Platform 2193. The provisional Government will chaired by an Ambassador, Gul Vash Enranet. Gul Enranet will be the conduit between Legate Anwar and the civilian government. Anwar has made it clear he will not speak directly to Governor Nicole Branson.

The Cardassian Union refers to the King's Fleet as an occupying force and has referred to Admiral Vincent Viceroy as the King's Rebel Commander; a term often used by Star Fleet to describe Legate Anwar. The Cardassian Union has adopted a similar stance to that of the civilian government announcing that it will coordinate all military communication with the King's Fleet through "Chief Negotiator" Gul Thua'ra Varno aboard Platform 2193.

The Cardassian Union has allowed a four week grace period to allow any Bajoran interested in an exodus from Ephyra before declaring the territory a Bajoran No-Fly Zone. After the one month period, any Bajoran vessel will be declared an invading force and appropriate force will be taken.

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The Eighth Mission - An Island Alone
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