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 Third Mission - The Hebetian Movement

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Third Mission - The Hebetian Movement   Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:31 pm

The Colony of Ephyra begins its Third Mission in the King's Fleet.

Minister Elim Garak, the humble Tailor of Deep Space Nine would tell the legend of the Hebetian Movement to the traveller who would enter his shop. He would tell stories of the great art and culture of pre-totalitarian Cardassia.

He would speak glowingly about the culture and the great democracy of the origins of Cardassia. In 2386, he would bring those dreams to Cardassia in the formation of the First Hebetian Republic, the great democracy of Cardassia.

His dream was shared by so many. For the next 5 years, Cardassia would be reborn with a renaissance to rival the great histories of his people. There was new art, new science and a new world. The dream of a peaceful Hebetian Republic was reborn.

In 2391, a rebel group calling themselves the Cardassian Union in Exile or the UIE under Legate Anwar was born. The UIE would earn its first victory with the attack on Ephyra, the former Cardassian Occupied Bajoran Colony. Over a 2 month period, the powerful Anwar and his Cardassian Guard would occupy the colony before a failed bio-weapon experiment would drive Anwar and his forces from the colony.

The loss only strengthened their resolve and today on Cardassia Prime, Legate Anwar and his pro-totalitarian Cardassian Guard have taken the capital from the humble tailor leaving Garak in exile once more. Cardassia, a Cardassia Minister Garak helped rebuild is now ready to become a superpower once more.

Legate Anwar has promised to extract revenge on the Garden of Bajor. Ephyra must pay for the only defeat on his road to power. Ephyra must pay!

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Third Mission - The Hebetian Movement
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