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 August Report - Feeders of St. Amethyst

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Christine TNley

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PostSubject: August Report - Feeders of St. Amethyst   Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:08 am

The Feeders of St. Amethyst have had to deal with the death of the regional Vampire Sheriff Taxon Dietrich and his family. The sudden loss of a vampire authority has left the township in chaos. The American Vampire's League now recognizes Amethyst Mayer, owner of the Pound as the regional authority. The werewolf now controls all unnatural activity in the region. The loss of vampire authority has also caused human Sheriff Terrence Kyle to flex some muscle trying to intimidate Amethyst. The tension has been very difficult for the small parish in Louisiana.

The citizens of Amethyst have scored 13 posts this month. This is a very nice return after being down for the offseason. The end of the True Blood's fourth season also marked a hiatus for the True Blood simm but the simm is up and running again.

Posted by:

Amethyst Mayer
St. Amethyst Parish, Louisiana.

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August Report - Feeders of St. Amethyst
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