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 USS Courageous - April 2012

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Josh Phillips

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PostSubject: USS Courageous - April 2012   Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:59 pm

The USS Courageous has been busy investigating the disappearance of two missing Starfleet Admirals who were intending to do a surprise inspection of the Ship. Captain Michaels and his Crew are deep into this mystery following Ion trails and Alien Ships which may hold the key to what really happened.

April has been another month of brilliance and strong improvement. Overall we managed to achieve 45 posts for this month, which has made this ranked as one of the best months so far. I want to commend the Crew for the dedication to the Simm and their uncanny ability to surprise us with the sheer quality of writing.

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Captain Joshua Michaels
CO USS Courageous
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USS Courageous - April 2012
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